Episode Choose Your Story Glitch

Episode Choose Your Story Glitch

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Glitch Girl EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK! The first 5 minutes! - Episode

The brand new Episode superhero story by Joseph Evans is almost here! Check out the first 5 minutes! Comment down below if you’re excited, and post what you think will happen next!

Inspired by awesome Marvel and DC comic books and movies, Glitch Girl is the story of Grace Griffin – a girl with the ability to control electronic devices and computers using only her mind.

When the mysterious villain Zero takes control of the city, can Grace save it from his evil clutches?

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Episode Choose Your Own Story – Glitch Girl – Episode 3 ! Today we are reading the first Episode of Glitch Girl by Joseph Evans! This story is about a girl named Grace who has to balance her love life along with saving the world. The villain, Zero, plans to use his hacking skills to take everyone down. Will she be able to defeat the hacker!?

Episode is an interactive free app game were we make our own choices! I’ll the new girl and its my first day of school! I hope everything goes well and stay as far away from Regina Gorge aka the school bully!

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● Episode – Glitch Girl

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