Episode Choose Your Story Fix

Episode Choose Your Story Fix

Passes and Gems Generator

Some of my experiences with the Episode Choose Your Story app after having the app for over 4 years. Please note that I am not trying to bash Episode, but rather comment suggestions for the company and the app. I am grateful for everything the app has given me and the experiences Episode has given me.

A lot of reviews I have read online and on Episode forums express concerns with high prices for gems and passes on the app, banning/deleting comments and accounts, diversity/inclusivity, and appropriateness for younger children.

Please comment down below if you have faced any similar experiences with the app or your opinions on the app. Every opinion is welcome!

I would also like to mention that while issues inclusivity is not something I can speak to (issues I have faced myself), it is something I fully support. Always remember that my channel is here accepting of EVERYONE and I want everyone to feel safe and included in this space. 🙂



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Passes & Gems engage in very important role in the game, and you will need to keep it in mind. The Episode Free Passes may help the players to gain big amounts of Gems quickly to win the Episode Choose Your Story.