Passes and Gems Generator

Episode: Choose Your Story is a simulation game and its developer is Episode Interactive. In the game, the players are capable of getting lots of things. On the basis of such factors, you can easily make sure that you are going to pick a good option or not. If you want to learn how to play it then Episode cheats can help you out. It provides assistance in making lots of things easier. The game is designed with the addition of some currencies or essentials such as – 

  • Passes 
  • Gems 

Both types of currencies are playing an important role. In the following paragraphs, I’m going to cover such details. 

Passes and Gems Generator


The game is designed with the addition of numerous stories. In the beginning, there are a few stories unlocked only. When you complete these ones then you need to unlock the new ones for progress. It can be possible with the help of passes only. 

Everyone needs to pay an amount of passes for unlocking the stories and working on lots of factors. For getting passes, there are different types of sources available such as – specific rewards. There is a specific reward given by the system after every two hours. You should claim the reward every time. 

With all these things, you can see some contests in the game. Everyone should try to take part in these contests. In case you perform well and win it then you will get passes as rewards. 

  • Easiest method 

Some players are interested in finding the easiest method for all these things. Use of Episode hack can be considered here. It is designed with the addition of specific features and settings. On the basis of all these things, the users are capable of getting desired amount of currency directly to the account. For such a task, they need to invest 5 to 6 minutes only for following a small and simple procedure. 

If we talk about the services of tool then you do not need to face any kind of restrictions. All you need to do is put efforts in the right direction with lots of benefits. In case you are not going to pick the genuine one then it may lead to some issues only. 


Gems are the primary currency and used for performing some basic activities. With the stories, the players need to deal with the avatar customization feature. It helps the individuals in creating characters for stories. When it comes to customize avatar perfectly then you need to check out lots of things. 

With the help of Episode cheats, you are capable of getting complete details about the system. Here, everyone needs the fashion accessories and outfits. By spending gems these things can be purchased easily. 

How to play perfectly?

All individuals are interested in getting details about the best method of playing. It can be possible by focusing on lots of factors. Following are some major tips. 

  • In the game, the players are capable of creating the stories. By creating the stories with attractive storylines, you are able to get success quickly. 
  • Try to participate in the events and contests those are organized by the system. These ones are available with the opportunity of earning a big amount of money quickly. 
  • While using the currencies, everyone needs to be careful. It does not an easy task to earn a big amount of funds quickly. You should spend currencies only for essentials tasks. 

For gathering funds and avoid barriers, you can get assistance from the Episode choose your story hack tool. With all these things, you are able to create and publish good stories. 

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Passes and Gems Generator

Episode: Choices Your story is a fairly fantastic game that is associated with more than 100000 stories. It contains a lot of stories like adventure, drama, and romance. It is a fantastic game that contains a significant amount of interactive stories. All you need to become a creator in the game. Make sure that you are designing and customizing the outfit and avatar in-game. 

You will have to change the fate as per choices.  You will able to write your own interactive stories and publish them on the game.  Love Life is considered as one of the great wild romance stories where you will have to start the love life.  All you need to make the dreams come true by finding love. In order to unlock further stories, then one has always to use episode hack that will surely give unlimited keys and diamonds. Here I have recapitulated vital things regarding stories of Episode: Choices you story where you have a glance. 

  • Pitch Perfect in Deep Treble

Episode: Choices Your story is associated with a variety of incredible stories, and Pitch perfect is one of them. All you need to join the hottest acapella group in ACA- history. One has to show the vocal chops in the game. If you are designing a character properly, then you will surely be able to earn a significant amount of diamonds and keys with ease. 

  • Positively Princess

Try to make the use of episode cheats that will offer unlimited keys to the users. It is considered a fantastic story where you will have to find out perfect long lost princes. All you need to save the kingdom from an evil queen that is quite important.  If you are finding the princess within 30 days, then you will able to become pregnant.

  • Demi Lovato: Path to Fame

After getting a particular chance to win the tour then one has to do a variety of important things. You will have to balance the love in the game.It is considered as one of the great comic style stories where one has always to take the journey of stardom.  If you are one who is facing a lot of issues while earning the in-game currency, then one must consider episode choose your story hack carefully.

  • Pretty Little Liars

You will have to uncover a variety of mysteries in the game. Such a story completely depends on a particular TV series. It has become one of the most important parts of the game. It is considered a mystery story that completely depends on the Freeform TV series. All you need to complete such a story that will surely help you in earning a lot of diamonds and keys as well.

Moreover, if you are playing the Episode: Choose your story, then one has to pay close attention to these important stories. Make sure that you are starting with a basic story. In order to win the story, then it is your responsibility to create a beautiful character. 

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